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My experience as a musician is varied. In 2004 I graduated with a bachelors in music from Lehigh University. My primary course of study was orchestral composition. But I also performed often in collegiate ensembles and various bands.


As a composer, I have written for small ensembles, soloists, and full orchestras. I've composed pieces for rock bands and films. I love writing in many styles. I specialize in combining electronic sounds with traditional instruments. To expand on that theme I will often incorporate modern elements of popular music with classical components.​



As a performer, I play multiple instruments. Although I'm primarily a percussionist, I also have piano experience. I've even dabbled in a little ukulele.


I currently play in one main band.  It's is an acoustic (I use the word very loosely) trio. RED plays a wide variety of music, from River Dance to Jethro Tull, covers and originals, we do it all in our own unique style.


Please check out these band websites for more info.


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